job.fileStore API

The AbstractFileStore is an abstraction of a Toil run’s shared storage.

class toil.fileStores.FileID(fileStoreID, size, executable=False)[source]

A small wrapper around Python’s builtin string class. It is used to represent a file’s ID in the file store, and has a size attribute that is the file’s size in bytes. This object is returned by importFile and writeGlobalFile.

Calls into the file store can use bare strings; size will be queried from the job store if unavailable in the ID.

__init__(fileStoreID, size, executable=False)[source]

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


Pack the FileID into a string so it can be passed through external code.

classmethod unpack(packedFileStoreID)[source]

Unpack the result of pack() into a FileID object.