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A common base class for Toil tests.

class toil.test.src.jobDescriptionTest.JobDescriptionTest(methodName='runTest')[source]

Bases: toil.test.ToilTest

digraph inheritance4c7e1ba2ef { bgcolor=transparent; rankdir=LR; size="8.0, 12.0"; "JobDescriptionTest" [URL="#toil.test.src.jobDescriptionTest.JobDescriptionTest",fillcolor=white,fontname="Vera Sans, DejaVu Sans, Liberation Sans, Arial, Helvetica, sans",fontsize=10,height=0.25,shape=box,style="setlinewidth(0.5),filled",target="_top"]; "ToilTest" -> "JobDescriptionTest" [arrowsize=0.5,style="setlinewidth(0.5)"]; "TestCase" [fillcolor=white,fontname="Vera Sans, DejaVu Sans, Liberation Sans, Arial, Helvetica, sans",fontsize=10,height=0.25,shape=box,style="setlinewidth(0.5),filled",tooltip="A class whose instances are single test cases."]; "ToilTest" [URL="../../index.html#toil.test.ToilTest",fillcolor=white,fontname="Vera Sans, DejaVu Sans, Liberation Sans, Arial, Helvetica, sans",fontsize=10,height=0.25,shape=box,style="setlinewidth(0.5),filled",target="_top",tooltip="A common base class for Toil tests."]; "TestCase" -> "ToilTest" [arrowsize=0.5,style="setlinewidth(0.5)"]; }

A common base class for Toil tests.

Please have every test case directly or indirectly inherit this one.

When running tests you may optionally set the TOIL_TEST_TEMP environment variable to the path of a directory where you want temporary test files be placed. The directory will be created if it doesn’t exist. The path may be relative in which case it will be assumed to be relative to the project root. If TOIL_TEST_TEMP is not defined, temporary files and directories will be created in the system’s default location for such files and any temporary files or directories left over from tests will be removed automatically removed during tear down. Otherwise, left-over files will not be removed.


Hook method for setting up the test fixture before exercising it.


Hook method for deconstructing the test fixture after testing it.


Tests the public interface of a JobDescription.