Test the deferred function system.

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class toil.test.src.deferredFunctionTest.DeferredFunctionTest(methodName='runTest')[source]

Bases: toil.test.ToilTest

Test the deferred function system.

jobStoreType = 'file'

Hook method for setting up the test fixture before exercising it.


Refer docstring in _testDeferredFunctionRuns. Test with Method


Refer docstring in _testDeferredFunctionRuns. Test with Class Method


Refer docstring in _testDeferredFunctionRuns. Test with Lambda


Create 2 non local filesto use as flags. Create a job that registers a function that deletes one non local file. If that file exists, the job SIGKILLs itself. If it doesn’t exist, the job registers a second deferred function to delete the second non local file and exits normally.

Initially the first file exists, so the job should SIGKILL itself and neither deferred function will run (in fact, the second should not even be registered). On the restart, the first deferred function should run and the first file should not exist, but the second one should. We assert the presence of the second, then register the second deferred function and exit normally. At the end of the test, neither file should exist.

Incidentally, this also tests for multiple registered deferred functions, and the case where a deferred function fails (since the first file doesn’t exist on the retry).


Create 2 non-local files and then create 2 jobs. The first job registers a deferred job to delete the second non-local file, deletes the first non-local file and then kills itself. The second job waits for the first file to be deleted, then sleeps for a few seconds and then spawns a child. the child of the second does nothing. However starting it should handle the untimely demise of the first job and run the registered deferred function that deletes the first file. We assert the absence of the two files at the end of the run.


Create some non-local files. Create a job that registers a deferred function to delete the file and then kills its worker.

Assert that the file is missing after the pipeline fails, because we’re using a single-machine batch system and the leader’s batch system cleanup will find and run the deferred function.